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Welcome to The Medieval Craftsmen!

The Medieval Craftsmen will create any colonial era furnishings or custom furnishings which ultimately catalyze the production of unique charm and character.

Our furnishings are completely handcrafted by our experienced handwork tradition.

Our invariable sign of regional craftsmanship is the unique practice of acquiring mahogany, ebony and rosewood over seas. Pure 1800’s reminiscent of fine cabinet making and highly unusual created versions. In short, fit for elegant, gracious living complemented by superb furniture.

Unmistakably our detailed curvilinear gables, tiled entries, and four poster bed steps are a few examples of West Indian cabinet making using Mahogany, Ebony and Rosewood.

In addition we also feature other furnishings including setters, armoires, custom front entry, interior door units and an array of custom cabinet doors.

Sit back and enjoy the gallery of our photos of recent work.

Lastly and importantly your life and your style go hand in hand. Every aspect of one is a unique reflection of the other.


The Medieval Crasftsmen
118 E San Jose Ranch Road
Los Fresnos, TX 78566-4686